What’s this all about?

It is about you being the best host, and it’s about you knowing that you can’t do it all by yourself and that rushing isn’t cool. That you want to put up, give an ambiance or decorate a party, event, dinner,…. That you do not know where to start from and that your motto is Wow!, excellence and the cruelty of its essence. And that, over all you want your customers to enjoy the shindig.

Interesting fact: in La Puta Suegra we do not want to sleep at nights, we want your challenge, we want to leave you breathless and, most important, we want your mother in law!

We like what’s difficult and impossible, we have the best partners like MacGyver and the A Team.

At stand… because we are about to create a true shindig! Just tell us what you need to succeed and we’ll take care of everything!